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Ex-Merloni and Terni-Narni CRISIS AREAS: the rankings and results of the two public notices

18 November 2021

On Wednesday 17/11/2021, the ranking lists of the applications for the two notices for the Ex Merloni and Terni-Narni Crisis Areas were published. Both notices are financed with resources of Action 3.1.1 of the ERDF ROP 2014-2020.

The response, in terms of applications submitted from companies in the two crisis areas, has been positive and timely, an important signal demonstrating the effectiveness of the SMART ATTACK regional strategy, the manoeuvre presented by Regional Councillor for Economic Development Michele Fioroni.

The two notices cover as many as 34 municipalities identified by the former Merloni Programme Agreement and the Terni-Narni Programme Agreement and favour projects aimed at Digital Transformation and investments in Enterprise 4.0.

Sviluppumbria, acting as Intermediate Body, presided over the publication of the two public notices, managing the phase of territorial awareness-raising and the preliminary phase for the evaluation of applications, which resulted in the publication of the two rankings.

In the former MERLONI Crisis Area, 30 investment projects out of 31 presented are eligible for financing, for a total investment of approximately 14.6 M€, with a total contribution of 3.6 M€ and an expected increase in employment of approximately 69 people. The financial endowment of the notice of 1.5 M€ allows, at the moment, the financing of the first 7 applications in the ranking list, of which the last one only partially.

For the TERNI-NARNI Crisis Area, 41 investment projects have been received, 39 projects have been admitted to financing, for a total amount of investments of about 17.7 M€, with a total amount of contributions of 5.1 M€ and an increase in employment of about 79 people. The 2.9 M€ budget of the notice currently allows the financing of the first 12 applications in the ranking list, of which the last one only partially.