Internationalisation: presentation of the Public Notice and the Regional Catalogue of Actuators 2019 – 2020

31 October 2019

To foster and support the internationalisation processes of Umbrian micro, small and medium enterprises through grants toward participation in missions abroad and incoming activities in Umbria, carried out by specialized actuators: this is what is proposed in the notice published by Sviluppumbria on 29 October in the Official Bulletin of the Umbria Region.

The notice, which will close on 29 November, is addressed to the Umbrian MSMEs, including professionals, who can apply for non-repayable grants for the acquisition of internationalisation services offered by specialised operators, the “Actuator Subjects”, who have proposed Structured Projects for the Promotion of Exports through business missions abroad and incoming activities, included in the specially established regional catalogue.

The budget allocated totals € 500,000.

“The publication of the notice and the Regional Catalogue for participation in business missions abroad and for incoming activities is an important tool made available for the internationalisation of Umbrian companies,”, noted Sviluppumbria’s Sole Administrator, Marco Giulietti in opening the press conference. “The internationalisation of companies contributes significantly to the regional GDP,” commented Giulietti, “and with this call our Region has a flexible tool, open to all sectors, markets and types of businesses, embracing tourism companies and professionals too.

Managing Director Mauro Agostini added, “This is a working method that really allows us to continue experimenting with the now-consolidated public-private partnership. The results are positive in terms of applications submitted in the previous year”.

The Regional Catalogue provides an important new tool for commercially exploring and expanding into new markets in innovative and structured ways, using actuators with demonstrated and long-standing experience in the field of export promotion and business internationalisation.

The range of foreign markets covered ranges from Europe, with Poland, Northern Europe, Belgium, Germany, France, Austria, to African countries, such as Zambia Tunisia and Morocco, and also Dubai, Russia, China, Singapore, USA, Japan, Brazil, Vietnam, Taiwan. Tourism is included among the productive sectors.

Companies are invited to contact Sviluppumbria for any further information and study. Information and forms can be found on the website www.sviluppumbria.it, in the Public Notices section or at the following link: http://www.sviluppumbria.it/-/avviso-pubblico-missioni-imprenditoriali-e-di-incoming

Learn more about Sviluppumbria's activities for internationalisation at the dedicated page