For information or to make an appointment:

Sviluppumbria Perugia – Main number: 075-56811
Sviluppumbria Terni – Main number: 0744-80601
Sviluppumbria Foligno – Main number: 0742-32681

CERTIFIED EMAIL sviluppumbria@legalmail.it
email: svilpg@sviluppumbria.it

President: Michela Sciurpa

President's secretariat
Head: Laura Formica

email: l.formica@sviluppumbria.it
telephone: 075 5681229

Michelle Rebib
email: m.rebib@sviluppumbria.it
telephone: 075 5681237
Stefania Ridolfi
email: s.ridolfi@sviluppumbria.it
telephone: 075 5681272


External and International Relations Office
Head: Marina Sereni

email: m.sereni@sviluppumbria.it
telephone: 075 5681257

Office of subsidiaries and corporate bodies
Head: Luca Tironzelli

email: l.tironzelli@sviluppumbria.it
telephone: 075 5681246

Human resources, performance, logistics and digital services 
Referent: Mauro Marini

email: m.marini@sviluppumbria.it
telephone: 075 5681231

Operational activities
Head: Mauro Marini

email: m.marini@sviluppumbria.it
telephone: 075 5681231

Technical-administrative functions
Head: Fausto Broccoletti

email: f.broccoletti@sviluppumbria.it
telephone: 0744 806026