Suspension of loan payments under LR.12/95

12 May 2020

Payment of loan instalments pursuant to LR.12/95 may be suspended at the request of the debtor, for a maximum of 2 instalments, following D.G.R. no. 167 of 11 March 2020 which extended the application of the “2019 Credit Agreement” to the aforementioned Regional Law. It should be noted that:

  • the instalments for which suspension is requested must be either not yet due or with one payment overdue by not more than 90 days at the date of submission of the request, and the payments of the previous instalments must have already been made;
  • no interest shall be charged during the period of suspension;
  • the repayment of the suspended instalments may be made - at the debtor's option - either together with the payment of the first useful instalment after the period of suspension or may be distributed proportionally over the remaining instalments falling due.

Requests for suspension in implementation of the "2019 Credit Agreement" may be made by completing the request form (click to download) and sending it by pec to sviluppumbria@legalmail.it  .

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