La Via di Francesco featured in

15 September 2020

Sviluppumbria is pleased to have cooperated in the preparation of this edition of Meridiani Cammini, which features the Via di Francesco (St. Francis Way) and other walking itineraries in Umbria. Sviluppumbria developed and promotes the Way on behalf of the Umbria Region, in close cooperation and with intense work by local communities, municipalities, civil and religious associations, and tourist operators.

In this issue, in addition to the places at the heart of the Way (such as Gubbio and its extraordinary Corsa dei Ceri), you will find great friends of the Way, with an interview with Mons. Paolo Giulietti, Isabella dalla Ragione and her passion project Arboreal Archaeology, Simona Scacheri from @fringeintravel, one of the best trekking bloggers in Italy, and Pietro Scidurlo of the non-profit @freewheels. Congratulations to Andrea Bertuzzi, Mattia Schieppati and the editorial staff for the sensitivity and beauty of the stories told.