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SHARE: sustainable management of cultural heritage of European cities and towns

17 September 2020

Sustainably managing the diversity of cultural heritage assets, be they tangible, museums, buildings, archaeological sites, archives or intangible as itineraries and cultural events is fundamental to ensure the accessibility and enjoyment of our heritage, and this is the objective of SHARE. Taking into account the needs of residents, visitors and businesses, the Interreg Europe project SHARE has studied common solutions for the conservation and more conscious use of cultural heritage in urban centres through studies and insights and on the basis of the experiences shared by partners, stakeholders and experts.

The results were presented on 15 September during an event both online and in the conference room of the Sviluppumbria headquarters in Foligno.

Speakers included the Regional Minister for Economic Development, Innovation, Digital and Simplification Michele Fioroni, who brought the greetings of the regional administration and wished participants a fruitful and inspiring meeting, and the President of Sviluppumbria Michela Sciurpa, who illustrated the Regional Agency for Economic Development's lines of activity, which are well-aligned with the goals of the project. Dr. Sciurpa welcomed the online participants and hoped that they would sometime soon be able to enjoy Umbria’s the world-class artistic and cultural treasures in person.

The event was livestreamed on Facebook Live, with 5,000 views throughout Italy and Europe.

The SHARE project has brought together partners from Spain, Romania, Sweden, Hungary, the UK and Croatia, under the leadership of Chiara Dall’Aglio of Sviluppumbria for a challenging and successful four-year journey. SHARE’s financing (Interreg Europe - ERDF) is 1,409,076.00 Euros

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