Living Lab Umbria: presentation of public notice

08 November 2019

Living LAB Umbria is the regional open innovation community where innovative solutions to needs are identified.

To promote the growth and development of small and medium enterprises and companies among professionals specialized in offering innovative solutions to the needs of social importance in the cities of Perugia and Terni.  This is the aim of the call for proposals "Support for the identification of innovative solutions to specific problems of social importance through the use of Living LAB open innovation environments" recently published by Sviluppumbria.

The budget is 1M€ (60% for Perugia province and 40% for Terni province) and the deadline to submit proposals is 23 December 2019.

Applications can be submitted by micro / small and medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and professionals based in the territory of the Umbria Region, individually or in partnership. The participation of groupings/aggregations of companies consisting no more than 3 companies, all of which have their operating headquarters in the territory of the Region of Umbria, in an associated form, is allowed.

The projects must be implemented within a maximum of 12 months and must be characterized, among other things, by the innovativeness of the systems, services, solutions and tools proposed, the positive impact on the territory and on citizens/users, as well as the potential in terms of replicability and dissemination on a larger scale.

All projects eligible for funding will receive a grant equal to 45% of the eligible expenditure. The contribution may be increased up to 60% in the case of involvement of universities/bodies/research centres. The total of eligible expenses ranges from € 30,000 to € 150,000.

Sviluppumbia’s Managing Director Mauro Agostini says that "the call for proposals concludes the initial phase of a dynamic, experimental and exploratory process that began in the second half of 2018 among in university classrooms in direct contact with the students of the various departments, and continued within the digital context of the Festa della Rete, among the ranks of civic associations and in the classrooms of the Perugia’s secondary schools. On the Living LAB Umbria platform, users can register and submit needs. Everyone can contribute to the debate by sending in ideas and proposals. The invitation to be an active part of the community was relaunched by Director Agostini. New calls for proposals are planned for 2020.

Sviluppumbria staff are available for any further information. Details and forms submitting a proposal can be found on in the Avvisi Pubblici (Public Notices) section of this website.

For further information: www.livinglab-umbria.it or email team@livinglab-umbria.it