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To develop a favourable environment for the Umbrian regional innovation system, through participation in platforms and networks of technological specialization, the regional government has entrusted Sviluppumbria with the 2016-2020 Animation Programme - “Innetwork 2016/2017”. 

To develop an ecosystem  able to promote and strengthen interregional cooperation in areas of research and innovation, and encourage the application of the results achieved by maximizing the impact on the economic and productive system, it is necessary systematise and exploit the Region’s clusters, stimulating their growth in a perspective of extra-regional and trans-sectoral collaboration.

Research and innovation are key to increasing competitiveness in the global market and to take advantage of their potential, processes of technology transfer in a context of open innovation must be activatee. It is an established fact that companies that achieve more competitiveness owe their success to having opened their own innovation processes, allowing them to innovate technologies and accelerate innovation.

The creation of closer relationships between research, institutions and businesses, the so-called “triple helix”, is the determining factor for the creation of technological innovation that must later be translated into practice by structures specialized in technology transfer. 

Based on these considerations, Sviluppumbria with the Innetwork 2016/2017 project will carry out actions to:

  • Support and accompany in national and international for technology transfer and the development of operational partnerships between companies, research centres, academic spin-offs, etc. including by means of operational actions promoted by National Technological Clusters, which Sviluppumbria will join, formally representing of the Umbria Region.

  • Actions to support and connect national and European productive chains and regional research chains in the context of Italian and EU programmes, by providing information and support to promote the involvement of Umbrian companies and researchers in transregional and international partnerships.

  • Support the creation of inter-regional networks of expertise and innovation for specialised innovation activities; this will involve working participation in National Technological Clusters (Intelligent Factories and Smart Communities).

  • Carry out information and communication activities toward Umbrian companies, to create their awareness and involvement in innovation topics, including those promoted by the National Technological Clusters. In addition, to strengthen and develop their innovation capacity, there will be informed about technology opportunities.

  • Present seminars, both for all enterprises, as well as for specific target groups, on issues of particular interest, with experts and with the connection to specialized technological platforms, the National Technological Cluster and technology transfer actions.

  • Provide technological intermediation to support business and the knowledge system in the Technology Transfer process and to identify technological partnerships.



To contribute to the creation of a favourable environment for innovation of the Umbrian regional system by participating in platforms and networks of technological specialisation, the Regional Council has entrusted Sviluppumbria with the Pilot Outreach Programme 2015-2016 “Innetwork”.

The development and competitiveness of national and European territories increasingly involves an exchange of knowledge and good practice between local and international players. It is essential to create and continually implement a widespread, articulated network system, based on the exchange and exploitation of distinctive knowledge and know-how, in order to encourage long-term economic recovery and the growth of competitiveness of the European regions.

The Programme wishes to contribute to the regional policies aiming to open up the territory and its local economic-productive players to international and inter-regional networks, by exploiting the exchange of information and intrinsic knowledge, especially research, innovation and technological transfer. The main priority of Innetwork is to create a favourable environment to innovate the Umbrian regional system by participating in platforms and networks of technological specialisation.

The outreach activities proposed within the Pilot Project INNETWORK are mainly concerned with providing information, awareness and support to take the opportunities offered to companies and take part in platforms and networks of technological specialisation. It also intends to diffuse the culture of innovation by exploring new paths and opportunities thanks to clustering and networking.

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