Small loans for start-ups

Small loans for start-ups

Small loans for start-ups

Umbria Regional Law n.1 of 14-02-2018 makes available an instrument to support business creation (the so-called New Law 12) with the aim of facilitating employment through the support of new business initiatives reserved for a wider audience of subjects than the previous law 12-95. The beneficiaries of this initiative are:

  • Young people;
  • Women;
  • Those who have left the labour market;
  • Disadvantaged people.

The beneficiaries will be:

  • Self-employed persons with VAT registered or not in professional registers;
  • Sole proprietorship companies registered in the Register of Companies;
  • Commercial companies registered in the Register of Companies including companies between professionals provided for in art. 10 paragraph 10 of Law 183/11.

To be eligible, the expenditure for investment projects can not exceed €66,667.67.

The financial support will be in the form of an interest-free loan that will cover 75 per cent of eligible expenses for a maximum duration of seven years for an amount not exceeding € 50,000.00.

The notice to apply for the instrument will be published by December 2018.

Support for entrepreneurial projects: notice published for beneficiaries of the young-adult packet 2016-2017

Project contact:

Giuseppe Barberi
Tel: 0755681250