33 companies in the Terni-Narni area eligible for funding

15 April 2020

The evaluation phase of the applications submitted under the 2019 Terni Narni Notice has been completed. The results confirm the validity of the projects proposed by the area’s companies in accordance with the measures made available by the Region for the Terni-Narni Crisis Area.

In fact, 33 of the 35 projects are eligible for funding. The financial endowment of the Notice, equal to € 1,290,123.99, was fully used for the first 8 projects declared eligible for funding.

The number of expected new jobs created is 63. The eligible investments total about € 12,390,099.30, with a request for contributions of € 3,279,770.82.

The ranking is available in the dedicated section of the Sviluppumbria website at the following link:

The 2019 Terni Narni Notice, in numbers:

35 Project proposals submitted

33 Project propsals eligible for funding (4 by medium-sized companies, 14 by small and 15 by micro)

8 Fundable today

63 Jobs created

€ 1,290,123.99 in funding committed

€ 12,390,099.30 in eligible investments

€ 3,279,770.82 contributions requested