Challenge #ReloadUmbria: launch webinar

Challenge #ReloadUmbria: launch webinar on18 March


Challenge#ReloadUmbria 18 MARCH 2021 – online event at 10 a.m.

Challenge#ReloadUmbria is a Challenge Competition to promote innovation projects in seven strategic sectors for Umbria: Mechanics, chemicals, textiles, transport and logistics, agri-food, tourism and Covid 19-emergency.

The initiative, coordinated by Sviluppumbria as part of the Innetwork Programme with the collaboration of the 3A Agrifood Park and promoted by the Umbria Region, aims to put those with innovative ideas - students, young innovators, start-ups and spin-offs - in contact with the local business system.

An element of cross-pollination aims to promote ideas through crowdsourcing, with collaboration of companies and the many associations and institutions in the Umbria region that have joined #ReloadUmbria, including the Umbria Region, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Perugia, Umbria Chamber of Commerce, ITS Umbria Academy - sponsors of the initiative - and the partner associations Assintel Umbria, Giovani Imprenditori Confapi Terni, Giovani Imprenditori Confindustria Umbria, Confartigianato Imprese Umbria, CNA Umbria, Giovani Imprenditori Confcommercio Umbria, Confesercenti Umbria, Umbria Business Group and SMARTR.

The challenge, which will be promoted by all partner associations, will be launched through a digital platform in collaboration with the innovative start-up VGenLab.

The projects will be evaluated by the companies and the best solutions selected will be sent for free mentoring and matching with local businesses. The objectives of the Challenge are to identify Open Innovation solutions in response to the challenges launched for the various sectors identified and to create business opportunities and collaborations in operational and/or technological terms, between the proposing solver and the companies potentially interested in implementing the proposed solutions.




Opening remarks

10:00 Michele Fioroni, Councillor for Economic Development, Innovation, Digital and Simplification, Umbria Region

10:10 Michela Sciurpa, President, Sviluppumbria Spa

10:20 Matteo Minelli, Steering Committee, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Perugia

10:30 Nicola Modugno, General Director, ITS Umbria Academy

10:40 Riccardo Madrigali, Co – founder and Ceo VGen Lab

Presentation and directions for how to participate in the #ReloadUmbria challenge


Paola Paccara, Sviluppumbria Spa

Q&A session to follow

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