ELES: Umbria's innovative SME soars on the market

19 June 2019

ELES is an innovative SME, based in Todi (PG), active in the field of microelectronics testing for the most significant industrial markets, such as aerospace & defence, automotive, consumer electronics and semiconductors.

With a 2018 turnover of over 22 million euros (doubled over 3 years) and an operating margin of 2.7 million, the company has prepared for listing with a capital increase operation that has benefited the market, with a free float of over 45%, another factor much appreciated by investors.

Shareholders include the president Antonio Zaffarami, who founded the company in 1988, whose share is thereby reduced from 52.78% to 37.85%, his daughter Francesca at the helm of the group with her father from 7.35% to 5.27%, Carla Franceschin from 21.97% to 11.51% and Gepafin, a financial company with capital in the hands of Umbrian banks and the Umbria Region, from to 17.9% to  1.28%.