GR.O.U.N.D.: Umbria’s Innovation Laboratory


The GR.O.U.N.D. project started on 26 May. "Green On Umbria for New Development", funded by the European Commission, is part of the Science Meets Regions initiative of the JRC (Joint Research Centre).

The objective of GR.O.U.N.D. is to provide innovative proposals regarding three very important challenges Umbria faces:

  • developing a production chain of bioplastics and biomaterials starting from raw materials of agricultural origin;
  • raise awareness among farmers of the use of compost from the separate collection of organic urban waste;
  • raise awareness among citizens about the circular economy.

By applying the methodology of the Innovation Camp, which aims to unite the four key players for innovation (government, industry, civil society and universities and research), GR.O.U.N.D. aims to find practical solutions by bringing these actors together in real interactive laboratories, where after an initial comparison of ideas, proposals will be developed to be brought to the attention of local Umbrian politicians, starting with the regional council. competent led by Councillor Michele Fioroni.

Participants will be assisted in their journey by facilitators belonging to the organizing bodies of the event: Umbria Region, 3A-Umbrian Agri-food Technological Park, CESAR and Sviluppumbria.

Online and in-person appointments are as follows:

    Tuesday 14 June: first Interactive Lab;

    Thursday 30 June: second Interactive Lab;

    Friday 15 July: Innovation Camp with Regional Councillor Fioroni.

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