The new regional tourism website and online communications

The new regional tourism website and online communication

The new regional tourism website and online communication

The regional system of integrated tourism promotion identifies the website and the social channels as a pivotal tool and system link via which it can boost its position on the market.

The communication organisation of the website starts from the tourist potential of the territory and aims to create personalised, heterogeneous reasons for travel according to the user’s requests. The site offers tourist experiences, according to the Editorial Plan, according to the user’s requests, reasons and expectations, which it varies according to the reference targets, identified according to each sector of interest, geographical origin and market segment.

The current evolution is bringing considerable updates, aiming to enhance more effectively the tourist offer especially the introduction of promo-commercialisation and a new organisation of the contents.

The functional and technological evolution of the website will, therefore, allow a new display, updated browsing and a more innovative personalised way of organising one’s own trip, including the possibility of booking.

In fact, the services to be implemented shortly include the commercial promotion of the offer and the creation of a system to collect and manage the information across the region which places in the system the various territorial businesses.

The strategic and political aim of the website is  consistent with the entire system of promotion and tourist communication, and   Sviluppumbria is the agency in charge to implement operations. The portal website is


Sandra Placidi


Telephone: +39 075 5681260

Tourism Area and Integrated Promotion Coordinator

Chiara Dall'Aglio


Telephone:: +39 075 5681204