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For Italy. 100 days since the restart of tourism: facts, ideas and projects

15 July 2021

Sviluppumbria’s president Michela Sciurpa participated by live streaming in the national conference For Italy. 100 days since the restart of tourism: facts, ideas and projects, organized by the Associazione Internazionale dei Cavalieri del Turismo (International Association of Knights of Tourism) to take stock of the restart of tourism with the main Italian players in the sector, including Italian Minister of Tourism Massimo Garavaglia.

The many qualified presentations during the conference outlined an analysis of the current state of the tourism sector, what has been done and is being done, ideas and plans for the future so that the whole sector can return to pre-Covid 19 activities.

"I thank President Paolo Piccinetti for inviting me to this important new opportunity for discussion and sharing, that allows us to describe how we have moved from ideas to actions in Umbria,” said Michela Sciurpa. “There are three main trajectories put in place by the Umbria Region through Sviluppumbria to give concrete help to the sector.  First of all, support for live events as a fundamental attraction for a region like ours, which focuses so much on experiential tourism, culture, events and exhibitions of international importance. Umbria hosts two major events in July, the Festival of Two Worlds in Spoleto and Umbria Jazz in Perugia. Second, the fundamental support to accommodations enterprises, for which resources totalling 20 million euros have been allocated to finance investments for the restart. The initiative immediately received an unprecedentedly high number of applications.  Last, but not least, the very strong support put in place to revive the San Francesco di Assisi airport after the reduction of activity due to the health emergency, confirming the fundamental role that this airport plays for our region both as a strategic hub and as a driver of incoming tourists. 

"Umbria,” continued Sciurpa, alluding to the region’s recent promotional campaign, “does not have a sea, but it has a sea of emotions, music, beauty and flavours that tourists can enjoy by visiting our region".


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