The Via di Francesco bridle trail: new signs up


The Via di Francesco bridle trail: new signs up

06 June 2019

Now those wishing to travel the Via di Francesco (St. Francis Way) from Gubbio, through Valfabbrica and on to Assisi on horseback will have new signs to follow. Work has been completed on adapting the route to the needs of equestrians and installing signs. With this section of the Via di Francesco bridle trail finished, the future goal is to adapt the other stages of the itinerary.

The bridle trail was implemented through a joint protocol of understanding between the Region of Umbria, Sviluppumbria, the Forestry Agency and the four Umbrian municipalities of Gubbio, Assisi, Nocera Umbra and Valfabbrica.

Those travelling on horseback will really enjoy a slow holiday, with a full appreciation of Umbria’s cultural and natural beauty.

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