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New European Bauhaus Prizes: applications open until 31 May


New European Bauhaus Prizes: applications open until May 31. The European Commission has launched the first edition of the New European Bauhaus Prizes will showcase good practices, examples and concepts that clearly express the New European Bauhaus values of sustainability, aesthetics and inclusiveness. These examples should be already implemented or, if coming from students and young professionals (under 30 years old) should pave the way for the future. The New European Bauhaus Prizes will reward existing examples or new ideas and concepts in ten different categories.

In each, there will be two parallel sections: New European Bauhaus Awards, for existing examples that have already been completed, and the Rising Stars of the New European Bauhaus, for ideas and concepts submitted by young talent.

Submissions must demonstrate why and how the example or project/idea represents or embodies the three core values underpinning the New European Bauhaus initiative (aesthetics, sustainability and inclusion) and include an analysis of its innovative dimension. In addition, participants in the rising stars award must present the planned steps for the further development or implementation of the idea or concept. Award Categories:

  1. Construction and Design Techniques, Materials, and Processes - examples of solutions for our built environment designed to help mitigate climate change, protect the environment, and make places more accessible and inclusive.
  2. Building in a spirit of circularity - exemplary physical places/sites that demonstrate the reuse and recycling of materials, a key element of the European Green Deal.
  3. Solutions for the co-evolution of the built environment and nature - examples that demonstrate how the built environment can contribute to the protection of nature and biodiversity, while taking into account cultural and social needs.
  4. Restored urban and rural spaces - iconic examples of land redevelopment that combine sustainability, aesthetics, and inclusiveness, and that were developed with broad participation and deep involvement of citizens and stakeholders.
  5. Products and Lifestyle - products and processes that contribute to a sustainable, interesting and inclusive lifestyle. These can be fashion, furniture or interior architecture, but also food products or other elements of our daily lives.
  6. Cultural heritage preservation and transformation - successful examples of cultural heritage enhanced in a spirit of sustainability, aesthetics and inclusivity.
  7. Rethought places to meet and share - inspiring examples of how spaces can be used for positive exchanges and community building.
  8. Mobilization of culture, arts and communities - to illustrate the impact of the arts on sustainable community building. This can be cultural events, festivals or performances that bring communities together.
  9. Modular, adaptable and mobile housing solutions - innovative intervention/housing solutions that address temporary emergency needs with high standards for aesthetics and sustainability.
  10. Interdisciplinary educational models - educational models and methods that integrate the values of sustainability, inclusion, and aesthetics into curriculum content and the learning process.

Both EU and non-EU citizens are eligible to apply as long as the proposed concept, idea and projects are actually developed and/or physically located in the EU. It is also possible to apply jointly/in partnership or as a consortium, with the same criteria applying to EU-based projects.

Young people under the age of 30 on 31 May 2021 can apply in both sections: new European Bauhaus awards and rising stars of the new European Bauhaus.

Project initiators over the age of 30 may only apply for the New European Bauhaus Awards.

Winners in each category and section will receive a cash amount (one winner per category in each section):

  • 30,000€ for the winners of the New European Bauhaus Awards, and
  • 15,000€ for the winners of the rising stars of the new European Bauhaus.

All winners will also receive a communications package (including, for example, paid media promotion, production of a short documentary and training on how to promote the project).

Submissions are open until May 31. Click here to participate.