Living Lab


To create a large community of innovation and knowledge on the regional territory thanks to the approach of a Living LAB: this is the challenge taken up by the Region of Umbria and Sviluppumbria with the aim of putting the user community at the centre of their efforts to find innovative solutions to social needs.

Living LABs aim to encourage the creation of open innovation environments, in real life situations, in which the active involvement of end users together with businesses, universities, research centres and public administrations, allows the creation of co-creation paths for new services, products and social infrastructures.

Within the thematic areas identified by the Umbria Region, Sviluppumbria has activated a plan of activities and meetings to involve the community and collect needs and suggestions from citizens and regional stakeholders. At the end of this first phase, the Living LAB model identified for the municipalities of Perugia and Terni will be activated to promote, develop and test new innovative solutions in a real context: where citizens, businesses and the public administration will research and test innovative policies, products, technologies and services together to judge their effectiveness and usefulness for end users and evaluate the effects on the quality of life.

Visit the website of the European network of Living labs (ENoLL)  

Meetings held in Umbria

Meeting with civic organisations of Perugia on 2 October 2018
Meeting with engineering students 17 October 2018
Meeting with philosophy and engineering students
23 October 2018
Meeting with economics students
25 October 2018
Meeting with students of medicine and veterinary medicine 26 October 2018
Schedule of meetings with University of Perugia students

LIVING LAB meeting planned at internet festival awards in Perugia 9 November 2018

From the present to the future: towards an ecosystem of innovation 10 January 2019

Head of project:

Gianfranco Parretta
Telephone: 075 5681227

For more information:


Giuseppina Baldassarri
Tel: 075 5681205

Elisabetta Boncio
Tel. 07448060138

Coordinator, services to companies area