Improving innovative business processes


Improving innovative business processes

The Enterprise Europe Network and its members provide international business guidance and expertise to support the introduction of innovation in the market through

  • assessment of a company’s level of innovation and pathways for personalised enhancement of innovation management capacities using methodologies recognised at European level.
  • assistance in setting up technology partnerships
  • assistance for access to funding channels related to innovation and research and management of intellectual property
  • support for the scaling-up process of start-ups under development, with training, mentoring and coaching courses

The network also supports companies funded though the Horizon2020 tools "SME Instrument", "FetOpen" and "Fast Track to Innovation" by providing Key Account Management services. Companies receiving funding receive assistance in analysing their needs and selecting a coach with specialised expertise. This figure guides the company in the development of the project accepted for funding by integrating it into the business development plan, increasing the company’s chance for success.



In Perugia

Rita Dedola
Tel: 075 5681206

In Terni

Sonia Argenti
Tel: 0744 80601 - 0744/806023