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“What are the challenges for the future of your city?”

12 June 2019

More than 40 participants joined the Living Lab "Open Innovation Laboratory", which took place on 10 June at the Adisu Student Residence in Monteluce. The group, composed of people from very different backgrounds, proposed eleven topics starting with the question "What are the challenges for the future of your city?". 

Through Open Space Technology2 (OST), a collaborative method that encourages interaction and comparison to respond together to the future challenges of the territory, the participants, divided into groups, cooperated to analyse the context of their proposals and to identify innovative solutions. The topics suggested range from tourism to the circular economy, from social inclusion to the enhancement of the presence of local students.

Living LAB Umbria is the open innovation community of Umbria where innovative solutions are identified to meet the needs selected with the involvement of citizens, who will test and experiment in real applications with participants from research, businesses and institutions.

You can still contribute:

⁃ Connect to the platform (create a login and profile if you don’t have one  yet) and suggest the needs that you think are important

⁃ Share the platform collection to collect input and invite at least 3 friends.  You can do it from the "invitations" section of the platform.

If you need help, contact the Living LAB Umbria team at . The journey has started, let's stay in touch to continue on the next steps together.

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