National financial support tools

National financial support tools

National financial support tools

The project of industrial reconversion and requalification of the Terni-Narni crisis area identifies incentives to support companies for reviving production in the area.

A total of 50.75 M€ are available, of which 20 are allocated by the Government and 30.75 by the Umbria Region.

Umbrian companies can access the following incentives:

  • Law 181/89: Relaunches the areas affected by industrial and sector crisis.  Addressed to Italian and foreign companies set up as corporations, including cooperatives and consortium companies;
  • Development Contracts: Supports large investments by Italian and foreign companies in the industrial, tourism and environmental protection sectors;
  • Smart&Start Italia: Supports founding innovative start-ups. It is aimed not only at startups, but also at teams of individuals who want to create an innovative business in Italy;
  • New zero-interest companies: Supports the creation and development of companies consisting mainly of young people between 18 and 35 years or women of all ages.
  • SelfiEmployment: Supports  the start-up of small business initiatives promoted by young NEETs with interest-free loans;

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Project Contact:

Giuseppina Baldassarri
Tel: 075 5681205