Riqualificazione urbana


Urban requalification: plans introduced by the Region Umbria in collaboration with Sviluppumbria financed by the Ministry

22 July 2021

Urban requalification, Ministry finances Umbria Region plans. Agabiti and Tesei: "validity of submitted proposals recognised. 74M€ in works for the territory."

“The ranking of projects funded by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility confirms the validity of the projects and proposals put forward by the Region. Both projects presented by this administration were in fact funded, thanks to the collaboration and teamwork carried out together with Councillor Enrico Melasecche and his department and to Sviluppumbria that, thanks to the immediate activation of President Michela Sciurpa and her staff has allowed us in a very short time to field two strategic initiatives for the quality of living and for the recovery and enhancement of public assets,” said the Councillor for Heritage and Urban Redevelopment and Historical Centres Paola Agabiti, commenting on the publication of the ranking of urban regeneration projects.

“The success obtained by the Umbria Region,” said President Donatella Tesei, “is the best possible start of the projects related to the PNRR and confirms the quality of the proposals submitted by this administration. I also note with pride and satisfaction that the 2 project proposals presented by the municipality of Perugia and the one presented by the municipality of Terni have also been awarded. Altogether, between Region and municipalities, works valued at approximately 74M€ will be started, for the benefit of the citizens and the entire Umbrian productive sector".


(press release issued by Agenzia Umbria Notizie)