Registered Office and Executive Headquarters in Perugia


Executive headquarter in Perugia

Registered Office and Executive Headquarters in Perugia

Our office in Perugia was first opened when the company was founded. It lies close to the historic town centre of Perugia, within a small two-storey building which houses our offices that contact and coordinate all the areas of business of the company, including the Offices of our Management, President and staff.

To all intents and purposes, it acts as registered office and head office with services of consultancy, guidance and technical assistance for all the areas of activities covered by our corporate mission.

The offices and services provided are divided according to our areas of business.

The Perugia office is the main reference point for all the activities of Sviluppumbria, as it holds the offices of our coordinators and personnel working in the various areas of business.

  • Area of Services to companies
  • Area of integrated promotion and tourism
  • Area of international activities, heritage and territorial marketing
  • Area of General Business
  • Area for Administration, Management Control and Personnel
  • Area for Special Positions and Corporate Infrastructures

Registered Office and Executive Headquarters in Perugia

Via Don Bosco, 11
06121 Perugia

Telephone: +39 075 56811, Fax: +39 075 5722454