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Ex-Merloni and Terni-Narni Crisis Areas: initial results of the 2 Public Notices

28 June 2021

The Tuesday 15 June 2021 deadline passed for submission of applications under the 2 Notices for the Ex-Merloni and Terni-Narni Crisis Areas.

Both notices are funded using resources from the Action 3.1.1 of the ERDF-ROP 2014-2020.

The positive and timely response from the two crisis areas is an important signal demonstrating the effectiveness of the SMART ATTACK regional strategy, presented by the Regional Minister for Economic Development Michele Fioroni.

The two notices involve 34 municipalities included in the former Merloni Program Agreements, and Terni-Narni Program Agreement. Projects aimed at Digital Transformation and investments in Enterprise 4.0 were favoured.


For the former Merloni Crisis Area, 31 investment programs were submtted for a total amount of about 14.9 M€, with total contributions requested of 3.7 M€, an expected increase of more than 70 jobs and against an allocation of resources equal to 2.9 M€.

For the TERNI-NARNI Crisis Area, 41 investment programs were received, totalling approximately 18.7 M€, for a total of 5.3 M€ in requested contributions, an expected increase in employment of over 70 positions and an allocation of resources of 1.5 M€.

Sviluppumbria, which operates as the Intermediate Body, presided over the publication of the two public notices, managed the territorial awareness-raising phase, and now takes over the preliminary phase for the evaluation of applications that will flow into the publication of the rankings.

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