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Custodia del Creato National Meeting organised by the Fondazione Sorella Natura: the President’s speech

29 November 2021

From the symbolic city of Assisi, a strong signal has been launched in favour of the environment, the ecological transition and the centrality that Man is called to grant to the value of Creation for his existence.

Speaking at the conference, Michela Sciurpa, President of Sviluppumbria, expressed her satisfaction with this high-level meeting that focuses on the challenge of social, economic and environmental sustainability. Sustainability as a factor in the development of an area concerns everyone: institutions, businesses, universities, associations and local authorities, called upon to design solutions together to meet the new social, ecological and economic challenges.

Promoting a sustainable economy through digital and green transformation is one of the great challenges of our century. It is in this direction that the Agency is committed to implementing regional development policies and translating the programmatic guidelines of the Economic Development, Tourism and Community Planning Departments by managing operational measures and calls for tenders to encourage the growth of SMEs by supporting innovation, technology transfer, digitalisation and internationalisation while safeguarding the environment and the territory.

The discussion was attended by Donatella Tesei, President of the Umbria Region, Gianfranco Cavazzoni, Professor of Business Economics at the University of Perugia, and other distinguished speakers.

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