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PRESS RELEASE: Positive results from Sviluppumbria's first participation in Eurochocolate 2021

27 October 2021


Sviluppumbria, the Umbria Region's Agency for Economic Development, draws a more than positive balance of its first participation in Eurochocolate 2021


“We have achieved all the objectives we set for ourselves with this innovative collaboration," says Michela Sciurpa, President of Sviluppumbria. "We presented ourselves to the general public with a totally renewed image that was able to intercept new users.

Our two main events, Choco Local and Mettetevi in Choco, dedicated respectively to design, product innovation, and the presentation of Sviluppumbria's tools to support entrepreneurship, actively involved the main regional and national training institutes, the main business associations in the area, European networks such as Enterprise Europe Network, and bodies of international importance such as the Italo-Latin American Institute". Both events were sold out with over 70 participants attending each event.

Numerous Umbrian companies also wanted to participate together with the Agency in order to promote the Umbria System both among the companies in the confectionery sector present at the fair and among companies from other related sectors who wanted to give their testimony.

The wine and chocolate tastings organised every day together with Eurochocolate, AIS and the Development Agencies of Marche and Abruzzo, Svim and Abruzzo Sviluppo, were also sold out, hosted in the spaces dedicated to Sviluppumbria.

Great satisfaction also in terms of increased views and online contacts generated by the territorial promotion content.

A successful format for presenting the renewed mission and functionality of the new Sviluppumbria.

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