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Expanding Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Actions in the SCALEUP destination focus on strengthening network connectivity within and across innovation ecosystems for sustainable business growth with high social value. The changing economy and rapid development of technology have changed the working conditions and skill sets needed to grow one's business. More than ever, educational institutions should work closely with the business sector to prepare students for the rapidly changing work environment by cultivating their entrepreneurial skills. Compared to dense areas around economic centres, the gap in entrepreneurial skills and activity is greater in outlying areas with lower economic activity, confirming the importance of closely interconnected ecosystems to support entrepreneurial activity and employment rates.
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Expanding Acceleration Ecosystems 

The SCALEUP destination aims to strengthen and expand cooperation among innovation actors to better support the next generation of innovative companies. Actions will help innovation ecosystems support companies to better seize and create opportunities to sustain their growth and gain a new competitive advantage..
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Women TechEU

The SCALUEP destination aims to strengthen and expand cooperation between innovation actors to better support the next generation of innovative companies whose solutions can lead us to a more competitive EU and a more sustainable, inclusive and resilient world.
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Horizon Europe Infodays: from 28 June to 9 July

The European Commission has organized the first edition of "Horizon Europe Infodays". These are 10 information days on the new EU program for research and innovation that will be held online from 28 June to 9 July, 2021.
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European Research & Innovation Days

On 23 and 24 June, 2021, the European Commission presents European Research & Innovation Days, the EU's annual flagship research and innovation event, bringing together policymakers, researchers, entrepreneurs and the public to discuss and shape the future of research and innovation in Europe. The event will take place online. The Programme and further information will soon be available at this link

Online infodays about the LIFE program

From 22 to 25 June, the CINEA Executive Agency presents four information days dedicated to the new LIFE Program for 2021-2027, the EU’s flagship program in support of the environment and the fight against climate change. A general presentation of the program is scheduled on 22 June; on the 23rd the sub-programs Nature and Biodiversity, Circular Economy and Quality of Life and Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation will be described; on the 24th, the topic is the sub-program Clean Energy Transition, and the final day, 25 June will be dedicated to grants for NGOs. The infodays are organized in advance of the publication of the first Call, scheduled for June.
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The European Commission has adopted the main work program of Horizon Europe 2021-2022

The Commission has adopted the main work program of Horizon Europe for 2021-2022, outlining the specific objectives and thematic areas that will receive a total funding of 14.7B€. These investments will help accelerate the green and digital transition by contributing to a sustainable recovery from the coronavirus pandemic and improving the EU's resilience to future crises. Around €5.8 billion in total will be invested in research and innovation to support the European Green Deal and the EU's commitment to make the EU the first climate neutral continent by 2050. The funds will support projects that advance climate change science and develop solutions for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to climate change. For example, planned activities will accelerate the sustainable and equitable transition to clean energy and mobility, help adapt food systems and support the circular economy and bioeconomy, maintain and enhance natural carbon sinks in ecosystems, and incentivize climate change adaptation. Making the next ten years European digital decade and laying the foundation for new digital businesses in the future are also key goals of the program. Around €4 billion will be allocated for the development of basic digital technologies over the period 2021-2022. In addition, the work program will allocate a total of around €1.9 billion in investments to remedy the immediate economic and social damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic. In line with NextGenerationEU, the funding will help build a post-coronavirus Europe that is not only greener and more digital, but also more resilient to current and future challenges, including focusing on areas that aim to modernize health systems and contribute to research capabilities, particularly with regard to vaccine development.
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Nominations open for the Broadband Europe 2021 Awards

Shaping Europe's digital future Nominations open for Broadband Europe 2021 Awards The European Commission has launched the Broadband Europe 2021 Awards. Europe's digital transformation by 2030 is based on providing citizens with access to gigabit connectivity and 5G services. Europe's digital decade begins with the relaunch of the Broadband Europe 2021 Awards. All projects in the implementation phase, large or small, rural or urban, private or public, local, regional, national or cross-border and covering all technologies, can apply for the 2021 awards. The application deadline is 17 September 2021. Winners will receive a Broadband Europe Award in the fall and will be featured by the European Commission in the media, EU websites, newsletters and the Broadband Good Practice Database. How and when to apply? Download the application form and guide for applicants. Carefully read the guide and the explanations in the application form. Complete the application (.xlsx file) and submit it via e-mail. The application deadline is 17 September 2021 at 4:00 p.m. CET. Winners will be announced and honoured during the ceremony and invited to present their project at Broadband Day in fall 2021. Winners will also be featured in the pages of Broadband Europe, newsletters and good practices database. Awards categories The projects will apply and will be awarded in one of the five categories: Innovative models of financing, business and investment. The projects that applied effective and innovative financing, business or investment models will choose this category. Cost reduction measures and co-investment. The category is addressed to projects that applied measures exploiting the synergies between different infrastructures and strived for cooperation among relevant stakeholders in building and investing in infrastructure, including cross-border/multi country projects. Socio-economic impact in rural and remote areas. The category is for projects that have direct and indirect socio-economic impacts and substantially improved connections to and in the remote and rural areas Demand generation and take-up of connectivity. The projects that implemented measures stimulating the demand side and increasing the take-up of a wide range of fixed and/or wireless/mobile, including 5G, services and applications will apply in this category. Quality and affordability of services. The category is addressed to projects focusing on providing high quality and affordable services for end-users.
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Webinar Horizon Europe 2021-2027: new opportunities to boost Research & Innovation in Umbria

The webinar Horizon Europe 2021-2027: new opportunities to boost Research & Innovation in Umbria through a synergistic dialogue among the Umbria Region, Local Authorities and Universities is scheduled for Thursday, 3 June 3 at 10am. Register to take part->
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Webinar: Women Innovation Protagonists

Opportunities and actions to support female innovators and entrepreneurs, enterprising protagonists of technology and innovation. Testimonials and professional experiences to inspire and bring out the talent and innovative entrepreneurship of women.
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